Month: May 2018

Best Food to Pair with Coffee


Looking for something to go well with your freshly brewed coffee? If you see consider Coffee brewing as a hobby, and you want to step up the game, then read on, coffee lover. You’re about to have better coffee experiences when you pair these with coffee:

Breakfast Food

  • Wheat Toast – If it’s a Colombian, Costa Rican, Brazilian, or Guatemalan coffee you’re having, it’s best to match it with grainy breakfasts like cereal and toast. Opt for wheat toast when dealing with light- to medium-roast coffee.
  • Quiche – Having a Pacific Island type of coffee? Pair it with a delicious quiche.
  • Honey_being_drizzled_onto_buttered_pancakesPancakes with Maple Syrup – Have the best breakfast ever with a warm cup of Kona or Nicaraguan coffee coupled with pancakes that are topped with maple syrup. Let the bitterness and the sweetness of the two combine magically in your mouth.
  • Omelets – Believe it or not, Sumatra, Java, and Indonesian coffee are best paired with omelets
  • Oatmeal – Light roasted Nicaraguan or Kona coffee again? Try pairing it with oatmeal!
  • Eggs and bacon or sausage – Enjoy an American-styled breakfast with a cup of joe and eggs and bacon.
  • Crepes – Crepes are easy to prepare and are excellent partners of bold Pacific Island coffees. They are also best paired with espresso and espresso-based drinks.


  • White Chocolate – Perfect with Costa Rican, Colombian, and Yemeni coffees
  • Milk Chocolate – Pair milk chocolate with any type of coffee, but it’s best paired with Kenyan, Colombian, Sumatran, Ethiopian, Yemeni, and Kona coffees
  • Dark Chocolate – Ideally coupled with Brazilian, Indonesian, Guatemalan, Ethiopian, or dark roast coffees
  • Chocolate-Dipped Fruit – Good with African coffees
  • Chocolate Cake – Great with medium- and dark-roast coffees
  • Brownies – Best to be coupled with Guatemalan and Indonesian coffees



  • Tarts – They are ideally partnered with medium-to-dark roast Costa Ricans and Brazilians.
  • Apricots, peaches, plums – They are great with Tanzanian and Haitian coffees.
  • Berries – Haitian, Kenyan, Jamaican, and Yemeni coffees taste even better with berries.

Baked Goods

These snacks can be paired with almost all types of coffee. So, if you’re opting for something that’s easy to find and would taste excellent with your cup of joe, then go ahead and choose from the list below:

  • coffee-and-croissantSweet Bread
  • Shortbread
  • Scones (perfect for those who don’t prefer too much sweetness)
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • Muffins
  • Doughnuts
  • Croissants
  • Coffee Cake (coffee-flavored cakes have that bittersweet flavor that will make you crave for more)
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Cheese Bread (yes, it’s worth a try!)
  • Caramel Flan
  • Cakes
  • Biscotti

Obviously, it’s high time for you to brew a coffee now and choose the perfect snack from the list above.

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How to Host the Best Pool Party in Summer


Follow these five steps to be the best pool party host next summer!

Step 1: Clean your pool


The first thing you should do is to make sure your pool is ready. It’s not ready if the water is cloudy and if leaves and debris are floating around. Clean it with a pool vacuum or a robotic cleaner to ensure it’s clean and safe for all swimmers.

Here is the comparison of pool vacuums in 2018 for your reference.

Step 2: Decorate the poolside

Some pool party hosts don’t like decorating. But if you want to step up the game, then you have to give time to decorate. Give it your personal, unique touch. You could use torches, banners, and other decorative items. Just have fun!

Step 3: Prepare the food

Every swimmer will get tired eventually, which is why you ought to prepare the best pool party snacks too. Below is a list of my recommendations.

Best Snacks for Your Pool Party


  • Bacon-and-Romaine Skewers with Blue Cheese Dressing – They’re healthy and easy to eat!
  • Dried fruits – No one hates dried fruits. Plus, they can withstand the humidity and heat! Prepare dried mangoes, dried bananas, or dried apricots.
  • Garlic bread with marinara sauce – Cut your garlic bread as if they’re French fries, then serve with homemade marinara sauce!
  • Hard-boiled eggs – Eggs are healthy. Everyone needs this. Kids will love them too.
  • Nuts – Almonds, cashews, pecans. Serve them all.
  • Potato chips with nori salt – Serve crunchy potato chips with a sprinkle of nori salt for a fun-filled pool party.
  • Single-serve yogurts – They’re healthy and easy to eat!
  • String Cheese – A pool party won’t be a great pool party without string cheese. Trust me.

Step 4: Prepare the Drink Station

Serve beverages in one area. Prepare plain water, fruit-infused waters, homemade juice, coffee, and drinks with alcohol if you can. It’s best to study who will be attending the pool party. It’s also recommended to have a wide variety of drinks to add color to your party. Plus, swimmers will get thirsty after playing games and swimming, which means they need to drink a lot to regain their energy.

Step 5: Create a Pool Party Playlist


Lastly, your pool party doesn’t deserve to be called a pool party if music isn’t involved. Create a playlist of songs that are lively—songs that would encourage your attendees to have more fun and to dance along to the rhythm. I suggest you choose songs that are categorized under the electronic dance music or EDM. Make the pool party entertaining and alive with music! You’ll see, music can change the dull mood and inspire everyone to enjoy your pool party.