Going green has a lot of benefits even for your business as stated in Katerine’s blog post. Today, we’ll discuss why you ought to grow your own food in your backyard and why that’s a better alternative than purchasing store-bought food.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Reason #1: You Can Enjoy Fresher Produce

autumn-harvestFresher tomatoes, fresher potatoes, fresher carrots, fresher everything! What’s great about growing your own food is that you can enjoy food fresh from the garden and straight to your table. No need to worry about how long they’ve stayed in the shelf of a grocery store. The fresher the veggies and fruits are, the healthier they are for you. And in this world full of viruses and germs, health becomes even more significant. Fresh produce also taste better, you know! Really, it’s way better to grow your own food because by doing so you can be sure of what you’re eating.

Reason #2: You Can Be a Better Individual


Yes, my friend, gardening is an excellent activity not only for your physical body but also for your mental health. Gardening teaches about patience, compassion, and determination. It even trains you to be consistent in life. After all, your crops won’t grow if they aren’t tended. Gardening also makes you a better handyman by having to build your own raised gardens using handyman tools, using weed eaters, or spraying insecticides to your plants. You’ll gain knowledge as you improve your gardening skills. Besides, growing your food can also teach your kids to be self-reliant. They don’t have to settle with purchasing everything when there’s a better and more economical alternative available.

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Reason #3: You Can Save Money

One of the essential reasons why you should start gardening is that it can help you save money on groceries. You no longer have to spend your money on the food you can get from your backyard. Who doesn’t want that?

Reason #4: You Can Help the Environment


Most importantly, gardening is an environment-friendly activity that reduces your carbon footprint. Growing your own food organically can fight the issues of climate change, loss of diversity, depleting water reserves, and chemically contaminated food. By making compost of your recycled household waste, you help the environment preserve its resources. By using water conversation methods like rainwater butts and drip irrigation systems, you help save every drop of water. Not only that, by gardening, you can also help the environment deal with fewer emissions. According to a 2006 study, the production and distribution of food plus beverages accounted for 20% to 30% of a modern industrial nation’s overall carbon emissions. That means if you grow your food, those emissions can be lessened. Imagine if every household could grow their own food instead!