Pizza Trails
Why go: There is no better place to go pizza hunting than following the trails at its birthplace. Explore the pizzerias and ristorantes in Naples and across Italy to savor authentic and delicious Italian pizzas.
Best places to go: Naples and Rome

Cheese Trails
Why go: For a deeper experience into the world of cheeses, head out to places with a rich history and tradition of cheese-making.
Where to go: Emilia Romagna (Italy), Gruyères (Switzerland), La Mancha (Spain), Normandy (France), Scotland, and Ireland

Mary Brussels
Chocolate Trails
Why go: Tasting the finest chocolates right at the heart of places that produce them is a chocolate lover’s dream. Imagine going on chocoholic tours and sampling the sublime offerings the city or town has to offer.
Where to go: Brussels (Belgium), Broc (Switzerland), Cologne (Germany), Oaxaca (Mexico), Tain L’Hermitage (France), The Chocolate Valley in Tuscany (Italy), Villajoyosa (Spain), and Zurich (Switzerland)

Delirium Cafe
Beer Trails
Why go: In today’s world where you can shop for foreign goods at a supermarket or food specialty store near you, there are still a great many food and drinks that may not reach your shores. And if you are a beer lover, you probably would not pass up the chance to get a taste of delicious beers right smack at the homes of the world’s best brewers and breweries.
Where to go: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Munich (Germany), Portland (USA), and Prague (Czech Republic)