Surviving in Rules of Survival

Do you own a fancy restaurant? O probably a small cafeteria? Though food is a necessity, there’s no doubt that food restaurant owners have a lot of competition. If they don’t step up their game, they’ll be left behind in this world where the only way you can survive is to be strong and wise.

The same goes for the famous game Rules of Survival. If you don’t know what to do to level up your game, you’ll be dead in a blink of an eye.


So, what should you do? Below are the three tips on how you can survive and be the last man standing in Rules of Survival.

Tip #1: Evaluate before you make a move

Don’t act without thinking and observing the environment. It’s best that you know how powerful (or weak) your weapon is before you approach an enemy as well. Don’t go hiding in buildings or houses forever—the game’s not a hide and seek game for goodness’ sake; it’s a survival game! Though hiding is, at times, necessary to survive, it’s not recommended to be done throughout the game. Running away could be an option, but learn to face the challenge too! Be courageous enough to fight if you know you can handle the opponent. Whatever you’re planning to do, always assess your situation first before you act or react. But don’t spend a lot of time thinking! Evaluating your condition for a long time can get you killed without warning.

Tip #2: Use a hack


Getting an advantage in the game is not difficult when you use a hack. All you have to do is generate enough coins for you to upgrade and buy the equipment you need to be the best player in the field. Take note that resources aren’t easy to collect, but if you’re running out of time or you just don’t want to wait, you can always use a generator to save the day and boost your survival stats.

Tip #3: Keep Moving


The last thing you’d wish to do is to stand up doing nothing for a long time. Doing that is like asking your opponents to shoot you. It’s your way of shouting, “I’m here! I’m free! Come and get me!” This is a game of survival, folks. You have to be wise enough to keep moving from place to place to conquer your fears and defeat your enemies. Remember that the thrill of the game is attached to your movements, so if you don’t move, there obviously won’t be any excitement at all.