Modern Toilet Restaurant

7 Quirky Cafes and Restaurants from Around the World

Blindekuh – Zurich, Switzerland

Fancy dining in the dark? At Blindekuh or “blind cow”, you can do just that as you eat blindfolded. But apart from offering a unique dining-in-the-dark experience, the restaurant also provides employment opportunities for the blind and partially-sighed individuals.

Cabbages & Condoms – Bangkok, Thailand

This condom-themed restaurant seeks to promote awareness about family planning. Expect to find lots of condoms — from the decor to the after-dinner treats.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

It is not every day that you get to dine underwater. An Ithaa Undersea Restaurant lie 16 feet below water and provides a breathtaking view of the marine life that you can watch and marvel at while enjoying your meal.

Modern Toilet, Taiwan

From the decor to the dinnerware, the Modern Toilet stays true to its themed. Poop mascots and decor, toilet bow seats, and dinnerware shaped like toilet bowls are just some of the quirky things you can find in this bathroom-themed restaurant.

Ninja Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known for its quirky-themed cafes and restaurants. And the Ninja Akasaka restaurant in Tokyo seems to uphold the country’s tradition — and penchant for a unique and fun dining experience. From hidden doorways to shuriken-shaped treats not to mention the fancy ninja moves of the staff, dining in this restaurant is one experience you won’t easily forget.

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan

From the land of robotics comes another quirky offering, the Robot Restaurant. Dancers clad in various costumes, robot shows, and glittering lights are some of the unusual things you will find inside this unusual restaurant.

Safe House Restaurant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The Safe House Restaurant lets you tap into your inner spy. Make sure to remember your password and get ready for the clandestine fun to begin as you enter.